There are a few things that honestly would help.  Please ask, we probably have more!!!

  • Top of the list is to help to clean up the lawn damage in November and in the spring (cutting, raking, seeding, etc.)  This may sound simple, but in 2020 I spent over 20-hours in November to clean up; filling dozens of lawn bags.  Spring brought additional days of work cutting out dead spots and re-seeding, spreading hay, watering.  Come help a few hours.
  • Donate a few bucks in one the boxes or consider a gift cards to Menards or Home Depot for supplies.
  • Touch up painting and repair of props, set up, and tear down. (September & November weekends)
  • Hanging out to help with crowds and security on the busy weekend nights.
  • Help with photography, or creation of a Haunt 31 video.

Website help.  This is a hobby providing community entertainment at our cost. I need website help, but on a volunteer basis.  I would even like to update the H31 Facebook page, but simply do not have the time. Please help!