Where do you store everything?2023-09-26T15:23:57-05:00

2017 we purchased a 40’ storage container and now store a bunch in the container, but we still pay monthly for a 10’x30’ unit for the more delicate items.  We also still use parts of the basement, shed, garage, attic, and even parts of the guest room and master bedroom’s closet.  Many of the items were designed to break down for easier storage.  We spend over $2000/year just storing the display.  Please consider donating a few bucks to help.

Do you do this type of work in your job?2023-09-26T15:24:23-05:00

No, we do not do anything related to this in our jobs but would LOVE too.  IF you have a job opportunity, please let us know!!!  We have built all the props, haunted house, and shooting gallery for the Goebbert’s Pumpkin Farm in Hampshire, IL.  They LOVE our props!!  Ask if we can build something for you!!

How long does it take to setup?2023-09-26T15:24:42-05:00

It takes over 500-man hours to fully set up (not including transport time). We then do daily maintenance and tweaking throughout the rest of the season.  Set-up typically starts Labor Day weekend through the first week in October to get it all up and working.  We always need painting, wiring and set up help!  Please let us know if you can spare some time in September!!

Where do you get everything? And how much does all of this cost?2023-09-26T15:25:03-05:00

 We make almost all of the props (except for a few items we just had to have) including animations, fence, many of the tombstones, buildings, etc.  Retail cost of the display is in excess of $90,000. Each year we average $2000-$6000 on new props and repair.  Add storage, repair cost, transportation, food for volunteers, etc. and we easily spend $3000-$8000/year to entertain the community.  Haunt31 takes donations and collects scrap metal throughout the year to help pay for storage of the display so please keep us in mind before bringing your metal items to the curb.  We can p/u any time or you can drop-off.  October is not possible.

Where do you come up with all your ideas?2023-09-26T15:29:48-05:00

Many of our ideas come from our own sick minds or from the Halloween and Attractions show each spring in St. Louis. As the founder of Chicago Haunt Builders’, as well as a member of many forums and groups; there is a substantial amount of material available online as well.  We do also attend various Halloween shows throughout the year for ideas. 

Have you won any awards or received much news coverage?2023-09-26T15:30:06-05:00

Almost every year we typically are featured in one of the local papers such as the Daily Herald, Northwest Herald, and other publications, and have been seen on WGN-9, NBC-5, and ABC-7 Chicago.  In 2007 we came in second place nation-wide in the www.fearnet.com best home haunts contest and had our display shown on the Today show.  Please feel free to report us to the news-stations or let us know about decorating contests!!  We tend to be so busy we do not have time to call.  Submit a haunt review on HauntedIllinois.com for us!!

Do you do anything for Christmas?2023-09-26T15:30:31-05:00

 Our budget, and energy level is shot by then, but we do usually put out a small display with few skeleton reindeer, a skeleton Santa, some skeleton elves (Nightmare Before X-mas type theme), along with a bunch of lights. More than the average person, but far less than our Halloween display.

How can I help?2023-09-26T15:30:46-05:00

There are a few things that honestly would help.  Please ask, we probably have more!!!

  • Top of the list is to help to clean up the lawn damage in November and in the spring (cutting, raking, seeding, etc.)  This may sound simple, but in 2020 I spent over 20-hours in November to clean up; filling dozens of lawn bags.  Spring brought additional days of work cutting out dead spots and re-seeding, spreading hay, watering.  Come help a few hours.
  • Donate a few bucks in one the boxes or consider a gift cards to Menards or Home Depot for supplies.
  • Touch up painting and repair of props, set up, and tear down. (September & November weekends)
  • Hanging out to help with crowds and security on the busy weekend nights.
  • Help with photography, or creation of a Haunt 31 video.

Website help.  This is a hobby providing community entertainment at our cost. I need website help, but on a volunteer basis.  I would even like to update the H31 Facebook page, but simply do not have the time. Please help!

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