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Last updated - 10/03/2016

10/03/2016 – Fairly good progress this past weekend, even with the wet weather. Next few nights need to continue welding on the new prop, then painting, assembly, airlines, and controls. At the same time need to hook up the 110vac LED lights for the yard, and start the 12vdc mini-spots in the yard. Sound, thunder & lightening and then work on sensor hook up and adjustment for all props. Garage hook up of air, power, and sensors, then Saturday the 8th, bring home and assemble the electric chair (room and props) If we can get some dry time over the weekend we need to touch up paint and continue repairs. I would love to squeeze in one last prop before the season ends….we will see.

10/02/2016 – Haunt 31 is in full building mode to open on Saturday, October 8th. MUCH damage this year. Mechanical failures, control issues, and a TON of latex rot (due to the wet seasons past, and the hot summer storage

9/10/2016 – Goebberts Pumpkin Farm opens in Hampshire, IL (www.pumpkinfarms.com) including the newly designed and built tennis ball shooting gallery (by Haunt 31 of course)

9/1/2016 – LETS get this thing updated – HUH?

09/14/2012 - The building begins. Fence, pillars, and structures will start this weekend. SLOW going as much is in need of 2011 repairs

09/07/2012 - One of Haunt 31’s coolest props arrives. Ordered in March at the show…it now is here…yeah…

08/26/2012 - CHB (Chicago Haunt Builders) hosted part two of the "Ground Breaker Coffin" build in Arlington Heights, IL. Again, Mike P. hosts a build where the wood half coffin with opening doors will be built. Tammy-Sue will probably feed us too much and we will have to sleep in the made coffins.

08/18/2012 - Haunt 31’s team installs the train ride props at Goebberts Pumpkin Patch in Hampshire, IL. http://www.goebbertspumpkinpatch.com. Two long days and a few future dates and the ride should be ready. Cross your fingers the weather holds out!

08/18/2012 - LasRyds Hearse Club hosts the "Greatest Show UN-Earthed" hearse show in Plainfield, IL

08/06/2012 - CHB approves their 64th member!!!!

07/29/2012 -CHB hosted a "Flicker LED Candle" build in Arlington Heights, IL. Mike P. set up tables and power so we could solder and glue our way into the night lit only by LED candles.

07/15/2012 - CHB hosted part one of the "Ground Breaker Coffin" build in Carol Stream, IL. Jim S, again hosted a build where the steel pneumatic frame was cut, welded, and tested as part one of this two part series. This will be a sit-up pneumatic prop.

07/5/2012 - CHB hosted part two of the "Barrel Spitter" build at Haunt 31 in Lake in the Hills, IL. I put together the parts to finish welding, painting and assembling the frames. Part 3 will be via email where we will group buy parts to get them moving.

06/30/2012 - CHB hosted a "Toe Pincher Coffin" build in Carol Stream, IL. Jim S, tossed together one mighty build of coffins. As they lined the street we all had a laugh as traffic slowed to witness the burial.

06/26/2012 - Haunt 31 picks up twenty-two "Bucky Skeletons" from Skeleton store in Slokie, IL. www.skeletonstore.com. For the Goebbert’s Farm build. Let the building begin. Scheduled to work every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, this 4-member team composed of Toby (Haunt 31), Joe (Holiday Habits), Jim (Nightmare Before Halloween), and Hank (The House at 316) have a lot of work to do. Building 18-characters in 10-scenes begins now…

06/08-06/10/2012 - Traveled to Cincinnati, OH to attend The Midwest Haunter’s Convention. Spent three days and two nights, had a great time at the Costume Ball and an even got to watch naked people ride bicycles at midnight downtown.

06/01-06/05/2012 - Traveled to Petersburg, Michigan to attend "Great Lakes Fright Fest." We spent the weekend with friends, camping, playing with Halloween, building a haunted house, attending seminars, and hanging out. We then went to Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH before heading home. What a blast of a weekend!!!

05/19/2012 - CHB hosted a "Basic Tombstone" build in Lockport, IL. Dragonlady Sue cut, carved, glued, and melted her way through mountains of foam to demonstrate her techniques.

05/12/2012 - CHB hosted a "Learn to Corpse" build at Derrick’s in Lake Zurich, IL followed by the first (and last)CHB Poker Night .

05/05/2012 - CHB hosted part one of the "Barrel Spitter" build at my house in Lake in the Hills, IL. We cut, drilled, and welded over 200 feet of 1 inch tubing.

04/28/2012 - LasRyds Hearse club’s "Halfway to Halloween Costume Party!"

04/24/2012 - Haunt 31 with the help of three other local haunts (and CHB members) presents the first rendition of the props for the local pumpkin farm train ride. It is well received and with some tweaks, looks like we may start building soon.

03/09-03/11/2012 - We traveled to St. Louis to attend The Annual Halloween and Attractions Show. www.hauntshow.com. We left early Friday with Jim H. and his wife Sandy along for the ride. In transit, we met up with other CHB members and convoyed to the show. We Arrived at the show about 1pm, and walked the aisles looking, gathering information, and talking to vendors till close. Friday night, CHB got together at Fergusons Pub. Had dinner, some drinks, and put together our group orders so early Saturday I could hit the floor to buy. After spending just under $5000, we hit the road to head home.

02/01/2012 - Haunt 31 is contacted by a local Pumpkin farm to build props for their half mile train ride.

01/21/2012 - CHB hosted a "Grave Grabber" build in Chicago. The morning started with the first major snow of the season. Heading to Mark’s, I was happy I have 4wd. Parking in a mountain of snow, we headed to his basement to eat awesome chili, saw, bend, and screw our way to a gaggle of grave grabbers powered with reindeer motors.

07/30/2011 - Chicago Haunt builders’ build: "Sound" Combined with a group buy; we put together sound ’kits’ for our props.

06/11/2011 - Chicago Haunt builders’ second build: "Coffin Banger" A full size cedar, toe-pincer coffin that bangs and has custom sound. As we built these at my house we lined them up along the street. Oh the looks as 9+ coffins were lined up…

05/14/2011 - Chicago Haunt builders’ first build: "Leaper". Essentially it is a revised version of my grave jumper. Together we built in excess of 12 "leapers" in one day!

04/01/2011 - Founded Chicago Haunt builders Yahoo group. With 37 local members, we immediately began group buys to save money, planning builds and a ton of general group banter.