We saw these at a show for $199.00 each.    Total to build these was under $25.00 each.

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I picked up some blow molded plastic skulls from Target and Menard's for $4.99 each.  I Then bought some 5' tall bamboo rods from Michael's craft store for $3.99 each.  Taking a 1 1/2" drill, I drilled holes through the skulls at various angles and mounted them to the totem pole using wood screws under each skull and gravity to hold them in place.
To make the base, I used a 12" x 12" block of 1" thick wood (for support) and then screwed a 1 1/2" iron plumbing flange to the base and added a 3" piece of iron pipe.   The bamboo slipped into the pipe, and a wood screw was screwed through the iron pipe into the bamboo.
I used super 77 spray glue and sprayed the skulls and base and stuck on Spanish moss.
Spanish moss is dirt cheap and can be found at Michael's