We needed somewhere for visitors to sign our guest book so we created this podium.

Click the thumbnails to enlarge each picture.

I started with some 2"x2" boards and made a frame.  I used liquid nails and a nail gun to secure the joints.
I added a top which was a shelf from an old desk.  I simply screwed through the top into the framework.
I then added 1/4" plywood to all four sides.  I also added a strip of wood to the top to hold a guest book.  I then painted all the sides black.
I thought the podium needed a light.  I found this in our office.  When I took it my wife said "that is an antique"  I turned it over and it said "made in China" so I decided to use it outside.
Here is a side view of the podium.  It is nothing fancy but it did the trick.  I got over 800 guest signatures and comments.  I  really didn't have a plan for them, but it was fun to read the comments and see how far people traveled to see our display.
For the '04 season, I added an enclosed lock box and a slot to accept donations.  Inside, I have a C-7 size bulb to make the slot and "donations" sign glow.
A hole was cut out of the side, I added a floor and painted it all black, then I added a door with a lock.