Mud Creature

In ''03 we realized that many, many people drive by and slow down to look at our display, but they don't get out of the car.  We wanted to add a sign to entice them to get out and see what happens when you walk down the sidewalk.  The Monster Mud monster was born.  Monster Mud is a developed used by Terror Syndicate.  It is simply a mixture of drywall joint compound and latex paint.  For the recipe, history, and application try visiting their site: Terror Syndicate.
Here is the 3/4" pvc frame I made to support the Mud Monster.  He was pretty weak so I added 2"x3" "L" supports screwed to a 3/4" plywood base.  I cable tied the pvc to the 2"x3" boards and it got quite a bit stronger.  I added a latex skull for a head (that I cast myself) and bone arms and hands from The Anatomical Chart Co.
Shot of the "L" supports I added.  They are simply 2"x3" screwed together with a plywood triangle added for rigidity.

  I am missing the photo, but I next took chicken wire and made a wire body for the Mud Monster.  Nothing special, just wrapped some chicken wire around his body and arms.  I then added my sign.  The sign was carved like I carve my tombstones, painted and added to the monster.
I then used spray glue (Super 77) and added an initial layer of burlap.  I mixed up my Monster Mud and hand applied the first layer to the burlap that was already on the form.  After dry (about 24 hours with a space heater blowing on it) I added a 2nd layer.  This time, I dipped pieces of burlap into the mud and applied these to the monster.
A few days of dry time, several layers of Spar outdoor varnish, some rusty chains and he is complete.  Here is a front and rear shot.  Ignore the cable, it is simply a security device to make sure he doesn't walk off.