Hang Man

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Here he was in 'o5
At the time that I built him, I couldn't weld, and had no access to a welder.....but I could solder.  The first hangman was built from 3/4" Copper pipe and fittings soldered together.  Holes were drilled in pivot locations and loosely bolted together to allow him to pivot and legs to "swing"
Side shot showing the pneumatic cylinder set-up.  He used a 3/4" bore 12" single acting cylinder that I got for $12 off ebay.  He also used a Mac 1/8" port 3-way solenoid again off ebay.  The cylinder was a bit long so I added extensions in his chest and groin to allow the cylinder to fit.  I used metal bands and screws to hold the pivot brackets for the cylinder.   Problem with this set-up was he actually would bend forward in the neutral position then bend backward and actually curve un-natural looking backward when activated.  Since the cylinder was single acting, I added a spring to help "pull" it back to the neutral position.
To cover the cylinder and tube, I used 2" pink foam cable tied to the frame, I then took some great stuff expanding foam and went to town.  Finally after dry, I took the good 'ol carving knife from the kitchen and tried to form him a bit.
For 2006 I decided to make him a bit more lifelike, more robust, and simply better....
I now can weld, so I used 1" square tube and welded several frame parts together.  (Soon I will have prints available with all dimensions) 

Photo courtesy of PerfessorEvil

I used the famous "box pusher, but I stripped only the parts I needed (cylinder, solenoid, and fittings).  This now uses a 2 1/4" stroke, double acting cylinder.
When I welded the brackets in for the cylinder, I only expected to use one of the box pusher cylinders (approx. 2 1/4" stroke)
Once all powder coated, assembled, and tested, the single cylinder wouldn't move him much.  I used longer clevis pins, some washers, and added a second cylinder.
A closer shot of the solenoid, and two cylinders.  Notice the "T" fittings used to split the air flow after the solenoid.
Sorry, I got ahead of myself....I used plumbing pipe insulation, Foam padding used for baby cribs, and duct tape to "fill out" the body.   I then dressed him in an old shirt (recycled from the first hangman), some jeans, and a chunk of burlap. 

I used to have a latex max for the head, but EVERY year the sunlight would destroy it.  This is easier, cheaper, and gets the job done.  The rope is around the foam head, but has two cable ties going through the burlap and around the shoulder frames to support it.

Video coming soon......