Since the "chair" took up 1/2 the garage, we needed some filler for the other side.  I took a day off from work and created the dungeon.  I am sure we will expand the idea for '05 but for a day's work, it isn't bad.

I started by laying two 3/8" x 4' x 8' sheets of plywood on the garage floor.  I sketched an opening and then worked on the framework.
For the frame work I chose 2"x3" metal studs.  Remember, storage is rough so I wanted to save some weight.  I framed out each side of the opening but left each 4"x8" sheet as an individual.  I wanted to be able to break this apart for storage.  Let me tell you that working with metal studs SUCKS.  Use 2"x3" wood.  METAL SUCKS.
For the sides I made 2'x4' frames and cut yet a third 4'x8'x3/8" plywood sheet in half lengthwise.  Shown here are the frames.  Did I mention that working with metal SUCKS.
I cut out my opening with a jig-saw, screwed the paneling to the metal studs.  In case you were wondering, working with metal studs sucks.  I then used hinges with removable pins to attach the 2' sides to the dungeon structure.  To take them apart is simply a matter of taking out the hinge pin.  I used 3/8" bolts to attach the two sections together.  Where I planned on bolting the top sections together, and where the gates would attach, I added 2"x2" boards inside the channel of the studs.
Here is the gate hardware I bought at Farm and Fleet.  I know I have seen it at any hardware store.  They are simply used to hang gates.
Here is the hardware mounted.  If you look close, you can see the metal stud, and the 2"x2" board behind it.  The bolt for the hardware goes through both.  I used two gate hardware pieces for each side of the dungeon.
Here are the gates mounted.  I simply used 1"x2" boards and 1/2" pvc to make the gate.  Drilling 7/8" holes in the 1"x2" boards, the pvc just slides in and I tossed in some 1" drywall screws at each intersection.  For good measure, I added "L" brackets to each side where the vertical end board connects to the horizontal boards (two per side).
I added some Bucky skeletons.  Buckies can be bought from The Anatomical Chart Co..  They are 4th quality skeletons but who cares...it's a dungeon.  I used Watco brand dark walnut stain and stained the Buckies.  I then used spray satin poly to seal them.
I drove a sword into one of the Buckies to add to the dungeon effect.  I then added some 5" double acting pneumatic cylinders to make them move and try to get out of the dungeon.  The effect is cool, but since they are attached to the garage wall, it is LOUD in the dining room!!!  When I take the display down this year, I will add a photo of the mechanics.