Grave Digger

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This project started with a moving Santa pulled from the trash.  His right arm and head were supposed to move, but were broke.  I repaired them and stripped off

of his clothes.  I then used chicken wire to create a form for his torso and legs.  I covered the metal arms with foam and tape as I wanted them thin.

Chicken wire complete.
Then I used spray glue and cotton batting to cover his body.  Then spray glue and fiberglass cloth to cover the batting.
After mixing fiberglass resin, I coated all the cloth with the resin.
Here is a standard lantern available at any hardware store.  I cut off the bottom, installed a flicker circuit, a 9v battery eliminator, a bulb socket, and bulb.  I then used a plastic cup and some fiberglass to seal up the lantern.  A little black and brown paint and here is the old looking lantern.
Here is the Grave Digger ready for action.  His right arm moves the lantern, the lantern flickers, and his head looks right and left.  I think he is awesome!!!