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November 2011 started cold and wet, and ended colder and wetter. This meant that props were used hard in October, were taken down, and put away without any repairs. This left us with many repairs for 2012. In addition, the work we did for the Goebberts Pumpkin Farm in Hampshire, IL ( took much of our summer build time. This meant Haunt 31 repair, construction, and work was delayed till late August and September. The summer heat devastated many latex props. Some were a total loss, others took hours to repair. All of this made our opening day of October 6th, start without the garage portion up and running. By the 7th, the electric chair was brought online, and mid week the garage opened.
For 2012, in preparation for garage (dungeon) changes in 2013, we added new dungeon walls, updated the current dungeon, electric chair, and other items to help in the future. We added an articulating snake by the witch, changed/upgraded the barrel spitter, sit-up spitter, and the shovel wieldingskeleton scenes as well as added tombstones, and other detail items. With repairs, storage, new props, travel and transportation, shipping, and supplies; we spent roughly $9000 for the 2012 operating season.

Haunt 31 proudly gave treats to 962 trick-or-treaters this Halloween and had 4673 guests step through the counter in that one night!

Special thanks to the following people for all their hard work on this year's construction and set-up: (no particular order) I am so sorry if we missed someone. Let us know and we’ll get it fixed!!

  • Stephanie Wrolson - For putting up with this whole thing.
  • My neighbors - For putting up with this year after year.
  • Nick Johnson - for his countless trips out to detail the new dungeon walls, painting, and general set-up help.
  • Tom Byrne - For his help with set-up.
  • Megan Hanks - For her steady hands painting.
  • Chad Massura - For help with the Website updates, changes and additions.
  • Derrick Jenner - For his help with the detail work on the witch shanty, monument jumper, and other props in the yard.
  • Henry Klich - (aka Spiderman) for painting things black, and mounting all those spiders to the house!AND for dressing up as the ghost and chasing people out of the garage!
  • All the members from the Chicago Haunt Builders For their great friendships and wonderful ideas all year long.
  • Members from Halloween-L Halloween Group For the ideas and assistance with problems while building props.
  • Dain Trittau - for his help with detail and set-up.
  • Ryan Treadwell - For his help painting this year
  • Drew Meyer - (aka Aqua-man) for set-up help, and security detail.
  • ToriaGibson - For spending her weekend with us helping with set-up and lighting
  • Derek Hardy - For dressing up nightly and scaring the crap out of folks, for the super cool Haunt 31 cake, for helping put the fence back in the attic, and for his work re-piping the air lines in the garage.