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We were also interviewed by HauntCast Radio. Listen to the podcast here.

Because 2010 left us with a ton of damage and the simple fact that age was beginning to take its’ toll on the props, 2011 was the year of re-construction. Starting in mid-summer, EVERY prop was brought home. Each was upgraded mechanically to bronze oil-impregnated bushings, grade-8 hardware, and any other mechanical and cosmetic repairs were completed. Then I added water-proof control boxes to house the power supplies, PLC controllers, and pneumatic solenoids. EVERY prop that had the old Terror-by-Design controllers got changed to the EFX-Tek Prop-1 PLC micro-controllers. Each prop now has a universal control platform which will help with set-up in the future.

Haunt 31 proudly gave treats to 1084 trick-or-treaters this Halloween and had 5773 guests step through the counter in that one night!

Special thanks to the following people for all their hard work on this year's construction & set-up: (no particular order)  I am so sorry if we missed someone.  Let us know and we’ll get it fixed!!

  • Stephanie Wrolson - For putting up with this whole thing.
  • My neighbors - For putting up with this year after year.
  • Bob Nausid - (haunt206) For his detail work on the props before set-up, hanging for security, and acting abilities..
  • Frank Moore - For his help with re-wiring the sensors AGAIN this year (last time I promise!) and for helping fix the shorts in the custom cords, as well as he help acting many nights, and with security.
  • Tom Byrne - For his help with set-up.
  • Megan Hanks – For her steady hands touch up painting, and for the cool spider wall.
  • Chad Massura - For help with the Website updates, changes and future additions.
  • All the members from the Chicago Haunt Builders For their great friendships and wonderful ideas all year long.
  • Members from Halloween-L Halloween Group For the ideas and assistance with problems while building props.
  • Ryan Treadwell - For his help painting this year
  • Jim Wrolson For wiring countless trailer plugs to our main 24vdc power trunk line.
  • Drew Meyer – For the Saturday and Sunday afternoon set-up help
  • Henry Klich – For painting all that Darn fence!!!
  • Derrick Jenner - For his help with the detail work on the witch shanty, grave jumper, and other skeletons in the yard.