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Haunt31 Final video (331mb)

Haunt31-Fearnet Contest Submission (60.4mb) video (9.77mb)

NBC5-Chicago Oct 25th with wrong commentary (24.4mb)

NBC5-Chicago Oct 26th Correction (151mb)


This year we re-built the hangman and the coffin bleeder, and made many improvements to other existing props.   We retired the devil scene, the guillotine scene,, but added a barrel spitter, an animated skeleton, a sit-up spitting skeleton, and quite a few other static props.   We changed all the lighting over to LED's came out on the 6th to tape us for their series "Route 666 America's Scariest Home Haunts" (we were episode #19).   Also, on the 6th, LasRyds Hearse Club came and hung out.  We entered and came in 2nd place in the FEARNET $50,000 home haunt contest and almost went to NYC to appear on the Today Show!!!. 

We were featured on NBC 5-Chicago, and on Halloween, appeared live on WGN 9 -Chicago via news helicopter!!  It was a VERY busy year!

The display was open Dusk - 10 pm every night (weather permitting) through Halloween night.  We began tear down about 11pm on the 31st!!!

Special thanks to the following people for all their hard work on this year's construction & set-up: (no particular order)  I am so sorry if we missed someone.  Let us know!!

  • Stephanie Wrolson - my lovely wife (for putting up with this whole thing)
  • My neighbors (for putting up with this year after year
  • Bob Nausid - haunt206 (for help setting up  almost every night until the 6h, for his detail work on the props, and all his ideas and work to make this come together.)
  • Frank Moore - for his help with wiring the yard this year, his help setting up, as well as he help acting many nights and with security.
  • Linda Moore - For her help on Halloween giving candy to over 600 ToT's
  • Dave Jackson - for working his fingers bloody working on the '07 set up.
  • Sue Jackson - for her help with day 1 set up, distressing props, and putting stuff together.
  • Tim Jackson - for his help with day 1 set up.
  • Nick Jackson - for his great bartending skills
  • Kim Bognar - For helping watch the kids and set up.
  • Mouse - for his help detailing props during set-up
  • Larry Lynn for his help with set-up
  • Anatoly Gorshtein – For his hours editing and creating all of the 2007 videos and contest entries  
  • All the members from the Chicago Haunt Club for their great friendships and wonderful ideas all year long.
  • Members from Halloween-L Halloween Group (for the ideas, and assistance with problems while building props.)
  • Mary Wenzel (for the great party invitations)
  • Drew Meyer - for his help with set up, crowd control, acting, and just hanging out.
  • Benjamin Rock - for his help with traffic the last week of the season This was GREAT and much needed help.  I cannot thank him enough. 
  • Forrest Meranda - for his help with set up in early October
  • Matthew Meranda - for his help with set up in Early October
  • Dennis Keefe - for his help with prop detailing and set-up
  • R.J. Bognar - for help with set up in early October
  • Kathy Bolain - for watching the kids for us and with set up
  • Kyle Cooper - for his help acting several nights
  • Members from the LasRyds Hearse Club for hanging out with their Hearses on Oct. 6th.