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2006 Details:

This year we re-built the mechanics in the hangman, rebuilt the guy trying to escape in the dungeon, and rebuilt one of the pillars. In addition we added three new props with a new archway over the sidewalk, some additional items in the gaveyard, and other things that escape me right now.

Haunt 31 proudly gave treats to 754 trick-or-treaters this Halloween with over 55.69 Ibs of candy.



Special thanks to the following people for all their hard work on this year's event: (no particular order)


  • Stephanie Wrolson - my lovely wife (for putting up with this whole thing)
  • My neighbors - (for putting up with this year after year.)
  • Jim Wrolson - (for giving me a tuner for my birthday to run the thunder and lightening) and spending time setting up lighting and other props.
  • Mary Wenzel - (for the great party invitation and other help)
  • Tom Byrne - (for help setting up the structures.)
  • Jason - (for offering his help and spending two long days building props and wiring)
  • Drew Meyer - (for dropping in and helping set up and for the dry ice supply)
  • Matthew Nausid - (for being one of the live actors on the weekends scaring the pants off people)
  • Dave Jackson - (for help setting up the display)
  • Anatoly Gorshtein - (for his AWESOME editing again on my video.)
  • Bob Nausid - haunt206 (for help setting up on almost every day we worked on the display)


  • RJ & Kim Bognar - (for help setting up.)
  • Kathy Bolain - (for help touch-up painting fence.) (and the side of my house)
  • All the members from the Chicago Haunt Club - (for their great friendships and wonderful ideas all year long.)
  • Members from Halloween-L Halloween Group - (for the ideas, and assistance with problems while building props.)
  • Patrick Plumb from Insty-Prints Palatine ( www.insty-webs.com ) - (for his help with our business cards.)
  • Dan Smereczynski from Hyperx ( www.hyperx.com ) - (for his donation of the video security system and internet monitoring of the display as well as set up of the system.)
  • Kevin Shanahan - (for spending an entire day helping set up the display)
  • Ron - (for help taking down the display on Nov. 1st.)
  • Tom Cooper - (for help taking down the display on Nov. 1st.)